Antonio Conte as a crucial turning point for Dele Alli

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Renowned analyst Rio Ferdinand sees Tottenham Hotspur’s latest head coach change to Antonio Conte as a crucial turning point for Dele Alli to regain his career come again.

Dele Alli started to lack of concentration at the end of the work of the former manager . Team Mauricio Pau Shetland Tino , then book a long period Sancho Jose Mourinho. Recovering from a brief period , Ryan Mason , acting then. Back disappointing when Nuno S. Spirito’s Santos reins.  

Until now , Dele is under the care of the boss, very prestige and disciplined. Making Ferdinand believe that military training at Enfield will put the good-blooded midfielder into the track.

” I’m sure Dele thought to himself. That – it ‘s time for me to behave properly -” Ferdinand told his YouTube channel ‘ Five ‘.

“ Conte is a coach that you can’t be fool into not accepting the low standards he has set. So I’m sure this is another great opportunity. ” 

” Now he has a coach who demands a very high demand , with the regularity of de ballet every day , that might be the turning point of that guy .” 

Conte ‘s past work history likes serious players. high professionalism Please shin guards when Inter Milan is Romelu Luke’s or now Chelsea have a Colo Caen Enschede.