Petit backs Chelsea against Digger, it’s worth it anyway

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Analyst Emmanuel Petit has pointed out that it would be appropriate for Chelsea to extend defender Antonio Rudiger’s contract. Which is expensive because he can still play at a high level for another two to three years. While comparing centre-backs. More like Martin Keown, former Arsenal teammate

Star players aged 28 years into the agreement last year in the local Stamford Ford Bridge already. But until now it has not made a new deal amid rumors the Bayern Munich superpower Bundesliga League. The Germans are willing to charge cable 2 as if he fell on his lap a free agent.  

For this reason, Petit looked at ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ more and more to agree to hire Rüdiger because his service life is just right at his peak. In addition, the side thinking of finding an agent is worth 30 million pounds or more. How to flip a glass abacus, the first choice is worth more.

“ If he dropped out of the team It is a pity for Chelsea , ” Petit commented via ‘ Book Makers Forum Osceola Dot UK .

“ If I remember correctly Prior to the arrival of head coach Thomas Tuchel. The man was still a substitute not sent to compete. But now he looks like the best defender of the team. ” 

“ That guy can move out for free. That means Chelsea will have to pay another minimum of £ 30 million to find a replacement at a similar level. And there is no guarantee that it will make sense. ” 

“ So if he asks for an additional two years of contract. I agree to pay for it. ” 

“ Antonio is a survivor because, since Tuchel formed, he has become one of the greatest defenders in world football. ” 

“ He reminds me of one crazy defender I worked with in the past – that guy named Martin Keown. ”  

“ This type of people always makes it difficult when competitors have to fight. To fight players like this you have to be physically , mentally and mentally ready because they can knock you out on the pitch. ” 

End of season 2021-22 after Chelsea lost several contracts by the addition or The Singer was composed by Andrea and Chris Jensen , Cesar Azteca Ping Lin Da Rosario and Thiago Silva.