Lucas and Paqueta Island

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Born and raised in a land that many see as a place to relax, but for Lucas Paqueta it was home and where childhood dreams began.

A young man with football in his blood, he lives on an island with inconvenient travel, but Lucas Paqueta has received great support from his family. Plus the talent in the game of football made it possible to follow in the footsteps of what it wanted.

Although the starting point is in a small field but eventually converges on a large lawn and wearing the dreamy Brazilian team

Even though his childhood supporters have passed away, but for Lucas Paqueta, all he can do is move forward to make those who watch him take pride in what has happened in his grandchildren’s life path beloved.

What was it like living and growing up on Paqueta Island?

“People always say I’m like little Tarzan all the time. No shoes, no clothes, always in the sun. The weather is really good Paqueta is the place where others Come to spend the holidays, but I call it home. So it’s really fun. To grow up there with friends It’s something special to me. It’s not just in my name but also in my mind.”

And how to train with Flamengo?

“We go out to practice all day. I practiced late at night at Gavea and my brother trained in the afternoon at Ninho. Only my grandfather could pick us up. So we’ll leave the house at 9 in the morning on a boat ride. We went to see my brother practice. Then they will come to watch me practice. We took the last boat back at midnight. It’s very tiring But at the same time it’s really fun. In pursuit of this dream Our grandfather is awesome. He has the goal of watching us play professionally. But unfortunately, he didn’t catch up to see it because he lost it first. Yet he gave us this opportunity. I think you would be proud now.”