Barcelona ‘s wages are cheap but the release clause is 100 million euros

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Experienced defender Dani Alves. Who recently sign for Barcelona on a minimum wage basis, create a sensation. When he was revealed that although the contract is only six months. The release clause was insanely high at 100 million euros (about €100 million). 84 million pounds)

A report from the radio station ‘ RT AC 1’ Finds from the legendary right-back aged 38 years. Returns to wear the ‘ Crimson – Blue ‘ to help fellow old Xavi Hernandez Rodriguez oversaw the dressing room as well. Senior Shin and officially launched yesterday  

Even Brasserie Italian football is still not coming until the year 2022. Because of the need to wait for Registration as a player of La Liga, the Spanish round. But can still practice with the younger generation. This point is useful for creating professional standards. As well as being the eyes and ears of the 41- year- old trainer  

And the uncertainty in football is a pair, so ‘ Azul Grana ‘ has put a condition as a guarantee that if any team thinks of joining Alves before the expiration of the obligation, they will have to pay a release clause of 100  million. euro.

Comments from Santiago Canizarez, a former Spain and Valencia goalkeeper who took up criticism, warned that Dani ‘s arrival may not be a good thing at Camp Nou.

” The best way if Alves can help the team is to stay fit, ” said 38- year- old Canisarez.

“ The first thing to do without avoiding it is to set a good example. Because your efforts on the training ground have a direct effect on the dressing room. ”  

Alves football with Barcelona, the first 13- year period from 2008 to 2016 , together won 23 of select wear a race number eight.